Sunday, 12 May 2013

Elegant & Stylish
Nothing spells modern chic better than the roller blinds. Ideal for tall windows, the roller blind comes in various fabrics, colors, designs and textures making it a modern yet affordable window treatment. A top choice for people who want value-for-money, the roller blind’s simple and sleek line makes rooms appear bigger and gives homes an airy look.

One of the most stable and efficient blinds in the market, roller blinds that are made of either beaded chain rollers or spring rollers are very easy to operate. The blind come in regular and reverse roll & the ball chain can be used to pull the blinds up or down to a precise length determining the amount of light allowed to enter the room. This no fuss blind has become a favorite design element not just for homes but for commercial spaces as well. Because roller blinds can be tailor-made to fit any room size, it is also the perfect choice for offices, particularly meeting rooms or boardrooms. Roller blinds are probably the most common type of blinds installed in homes and offices world-wide.

For varying degrees of privacy, roller blinds come in various fabric options from translucent to opaque. The different types of fabric not only lets you meet the kind of privacy you require but also allows you to choose the color and fabric to match the color of the walls, furniture or rug.

Easy maintenance
Another selling point for the roller blind is the ease by which it may be assembled and installed. Roller blinds are also very low maintenance, as most types come in easy to clean fabric. The slat-free design also allows for very little dust to accumulate.

Our offering in Roller Blinds
We offer roller blinds with shades to select from translucent, sunscreen, fire-retardant & blackout fabrics. The blinds comes with top aluminium head roll rail & chain roll mechanism. Roller Blinds are also available with Spring & One Touch mechanism. Motorization of blinds can be done & can also be given centralisation option with the existing one. Sizes of the blinds can be custom made. The blackout series not only completely block the sunlight but also protect your valuable furniture from UV rays.

Motorized / Remote Controlled Roller Blinds

Marvel Roller Blinds
We offer our customer with Marvel brand of Roller Blinds which has both office & home series shades. The fabrics are made of best quality of raw materials, weaving & coating technology, crack resistant, tear resistant, colour fade resistant & non-fraying with renowned features. The customer can choose from various home series shades with most children’s room theme in the

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